The name that has been going around all over the globe. From Hollywood to Tollywood, from Reuters to Indian Express, from young to the old, everyone has been talking about Ram Gopal Varma, a director by profession who has been accredited with some of the most controversial movies and short films, the very director of GOD, SEX and TRUTH.

learn more here Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about Power – Oscar Wilde

Perspective. The man whom we are trying to decipher has a principal moto and that is to enhance the perspective of human understanding of everything around them. He means to take the human kind to an area of thought that has never been touched before. He seeks to understand and throw light upon the subjectivity of good and bad, the right and wrong. He understands the very basic instincts of human being are to kill to survive and to procreate.

To add a spiritual emphasis to sex, bringing out its true purpose and understanding that sexuality is a choice is truly commendable of Mr.Varma. Often these concepts are by themselves very difficult to digest and understand for the human beings themselves because of the stigma attached to these areas, but here is a man who not only has understood, but wants to come out and depict his understandings in ways that will enhance the living. One thing is undeniable. There is something beyond these Societal norms, beyond this materialism and beyond all the things that we have been taught. This man is venturing into that beyond. Sex and Violence are primal to the living beings. Chaos is the order of the universe and all the attempts by man to constrict this order, will lead into nothing but vain.

The rebel director of our industry and now of the entire country, Ram Gopal Varma has set knew thought process in place. His crude scenes, unique camera shots and thought-provoking dialogues tend to make the audience think. Think in ways they have never thought before.  Whilst, his movies are a little above the thought process of the mass audience, and often are a little instigating or provoking the weaker minds, on a deeper note they convey a lot of unsaid meaning and emotion. The naturality of the actors in the films, is one of the best attributes of his film. He captures his actors in their original mindsets and in some of his films these actors bring out the primal essence of their very gender. He highlights nothing but the fact that, man is an  animal at the end of the day, but society has made him social.




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