The Race to the FIFA world championship 2018

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The Race to the FIFA world championship 2018

I have been seriously watching football since 20 years now and this is the first time a world cup has been this interesting. So many good teams with exciting talent and it is really hard to pick one team who would go the distance.
My money is on Belgium, France, Germany, Brazil, Spain, England & Portugal. Exactly. No clear favourites and thats why this world cup will be a great watch. I am a mad fan of the premier league and cheering for England though.
Here is what i think about each team.


England is not the same without Wayne Rooney in it, but thats how the game is and you have to accept it. Kane, Sterling and Lingard are the key players to watch out for. They have great pace and on their day could score against the best of the best defences. Though their defence is not as solid as other teams they are good enough to get the job done and will rely on their forwards to win games.


Arguably the most star studded team in the tournament with a good mix of youth and experience. Key players are Hazard, KDB and Lukaku. They are a settled squad and compliment each other really well. They can score at will as they are great playmakers and can dictate games with their style of play. I would really be surprised if they don’t reach the last four.


Another strong South American team who is mad about football and is very successful in the international arena. The last time finalists were lucky to be in the tournament thanks to the late Rojo’s winner. They don’t look like the solid settled squad like last time around but with Superstar Messi in their ranks they can turn the tables quickly. Key players to watch out for are Messi, Auguero & DiMaria. In order to reach any where near the finals Messi has to pick up his game and perform exceptionally.


Another team which has a solid line up. You can easily form two world class teams with the squad they have. Strong in every position and having great playmakers like Pogba & Griezmann they are a treat to watch. France up their game in big tournaments and especially in the knock out stages they will be just unstoppable. Again it would be a shame if they couldn’t reach the semis.


Spain has always had one of the strongest squads on paper. Another star studded line up who are capable of winning this year’s world cup. They are quite unfortunate to have won just one world cup so far. With majority of their players playing for Barcelona and Real Madrid you can imagine the level of football they are capable of. Most importantly they know each other really well and play tiki-taka football. Key players are Costa and Iniesta. With the famous back four and a great goal keeper in the form of De Gea it would be safe to say that Spain would be the least conceded team this world cup.


The team with the most number of fans across the world. They didn’t win 5 world cups without a reason. The football they play is exciting and intriguing. Box to box football is invented by them and that is why they are a treat to watch. They arrived in this world cup with one of their strongest ever squads. Their qualifying campaign is the testament to the quality of football they are playing right now. With a young team and a superstar player like Neymar they are determined to win this world cup. Key players to watch out for are Neymar, Jesus & Coutinho.


They are not a one man team any more. They have proved that in the Euro 2016, winning with out their god man playing in the final. Sure Cristiano Ronaldo commands that attention and Portugal’s reputation as a team gets faded away because of that. But they are very settled squad and plays smart football knowing their strengths. Teams like these are dangerous as they don’t have much pressure in the playoffs compared to favourites. CR7 is the key to make or break this world cup for them. Every one knows that he is on the wrong side of 30 but hey he is Cristiano Ronaldo. Portugal would want the world’s best player at the moment to be at his peak to help them cross the line.

Goals win you games but defence win you tournaments.

who do you think would win? Mention in the comments below.

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