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Do you feel like Ranbir Kapoor from Tamasha? Have you ever felt like you needed to go away? Do you feel like things will get better after a short vacation? Do you feel you are stuck up? And that a change of place can bring about a change in everything that you feel, do or think?

Then STOP, STOP right there. Its not the place. Its not the people around you. Its not the situations. Its neither the life. Its YOU.

Go somewhere far away or quit talking to everyone around you, but what’s the point? When you know the real fixing needs to be done inside you. A place can’t bring about change, changing people cannot bring about the change. Change YOU

Sometimes life can be too mundane. Sometimes when everything around you is a dull monotony, there is a sense of disinterest that develops within you.

We want to change our life. Yes, we want to break free from this monotony. Yes, we have a hundred thoughts about what we could to make ourselves feel better, but we end up refraining from all those hundred things. Because deep inside we are so comfortable with this monotony and disinterest that we fear losing this comfort. We fear losing the comfort of cribbing, of nagging, of self-pity, of loathing ourselves and our life. Hence, we assume a change of place can bring about a change of perspective

But Instead,

Get up, put on your running shoes, keep fit, eat healthy, stay clean and watch how internally you start feeling better. Watch some Mills and Boons Rom-Com or just get out for a long lone drive. Analyse where and how you can take better care of yourself, your thoughts and your actions. Quit all the self-loathe. You are like the perfect chocolate cupcake with the ganache icing and the tiny sprinkles of positivity on top. Love YOURSELF and watch how you start to automatically love those around you.

We all tend to go through this phase of life at one point or the other, but what really matters is how fast do we come out of it and start LIVING and LOVING our life.


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