Love – an intense emotion that rules the hearts of all the beings around the globe. From animals to human beings, everyone falls in love. Sometimes this love could with a person or sometimes we just fall in love with somethings around us.


When we connect to someone or something soulfully, when we perceive and enjoy their beauty in their truest form, when we spend time and efforts in their admiration, there is an immense rush of emotion that fills our hearts as we think about them or when we are surrounded with them.

As a reminiscence to the bygone V-Day, we have discovered that love is found everywhere around us and as we delved further, we found out different people love different aspects of their life. They connect soulfully and passionately to different things and today we are all set to explore LOVE OF VARIOUS KINDS:

ASTROPHILE – Stars and astronomy have always been a great curiosity to man and man has always indulged in finding out what is beyond the earth and its horizon. This great love and passion for astronomy has developed ever since and has been continuing since time immemorial.

AUTOPHILE- We often tend to want alone times. A private space that lets us think and rethink about oneself. A space that lets us retrospect. What about a person who always wants to and loves being alone?

PHILOMATH –  Have you ever come across people who were hungry for knowledge and wanted to learn anything and everything they came across. Yes, they are mostly our grans. Such obsessive learning lovers are..

HODOPHILE- Roads lead us to different places. Sometimes to the right place, sometimes to the wrong. They give us lots of memories, experiences and some of the best moments we’ve had in our life. Let’s go on a road trip, shan’t we?

NEMOPHILIST- Solitude and Quietude has impressed many. Amidst the lush green woods and the silence of the forest with a humble chirping of the birds and the rustle of the insects, many find their love.

NYCTOPHILE- Sometimes darkness can be the light to a person. Sometimes nights can be the only peace of mind for an individual.

SELENOPHILE- The moon is one of the most beautiful creations of god and people around the world have been in love with it ever since the origin of mankind.

PLUVIOPHILE- The smell of the wet mud, the puddle full of water and the cool breeze that blows through your hair can often make you fall in love with rain.

AILUROPHILE- Are you a cat person? Then now you know what to call yourself

CYNOPHILE- The very word love finds its true meaning with these beings that love each and every person with no discrimination. And so, if you are a dog person, then you have made the right choice and you know what to call yourself. Call me the same too.

STIGMATOPHILE- Do you have an obsession with tattoos? Does inking your body make you feel complete? Have you fallen in love with your tattoo guy then you are definitely a STIGMATOPHILE

CLINOPHILE- Sleeping can be an obsession to a lot of people. When you are often experiencing bedgasms then you are definitely a person who loves to stay in bed

Love is diverse. So if you have experienced love of such kind, do share your views.



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