“Let her blade not see your blood” – Female Genital Mutilation

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“Let her blade not see your blood” – Female Genital Mutilation


She trusted her mother, even in that pitch-dark room .

She knew she was safe.

But that day that trust was scarred with one slash of a blade on her clitoris
That intolerable pain ripped through her body and she knew she was safe NOWHERE

Female Genital Mutilation, a practice in the name of tradition has been scarring the lives and minds of more than 200 million women all over the world.

A practice most common among the women of the African subcontinent, this is the cutting of the clitoral hood and the clitoral glans and removal of inner and outer labia and stitching up of the vulva.


Often done at a very tender age of 5 or 6, this process is purely because of the superstitious traditional practices that have been clouding our global society. The fact that women’s sexuality needs to be guarded and the ideas of purity, modesty and beauty have penetrated their roots so deep into the minds of the people, that to ensure the virginity of a woman is kept, they succumb to such practices. With no health benefits, this practice further goes to have quite a number of hazards, which includes hemorrhage, cyst formation in the genitalia, complications during coitus and pregnancy.

Having been a practice that is known to be quite popular among the African tribes, it might come as a shocker to find its prevalence even in India. The Bohra community, a Shia- Islam sub sect, also indulge in this practice to ensure the sexuality of their girl child is kept guarded. An in-depth journalistic research had been conducted by the Hindustan Times which highlights the history and prevalence of FGM in India.

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Depriving any human being of their sexuality is depriving them of their very primal needs.

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, sex is at the bottom of the pyramid claiming itself as a basic need for the sustenance of man.


So, let us all vow to put a stop to this sort of violence being afflicted on any woman by supporting and spreading awareness to those around us. We have done our part now its time you do YOURS.







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