International Criminal Justice Day

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International Criminal Justice Day

International Justice Day
– International criminal justice day is celebrated throughout the world on 17th July.
– This day was chosen for it’s adoption of the Rome statute, the treaty that created International Criminal Court.
– Each year, people around the world consider this day to promote international justice day especially to support the international criminal court.
– It has been successful enough to attract international news and attention to focus on atrocities committed on human rights.
– no. of efforts have been made to provide & redress unspeakable acts of inhumanity such as mass rape, forced expulsion, genocide, disappearances, torture, slavery, war crimes etc..
– The aim of this day is to unite everyone who want to support justice as well as promote victim rights with a serious effort to prevent grave crimes from happening and prosecute those that put peace, security & well being of the world at risk.
– Various govts., civil societies organisations, legal associations, students & activists around the world come together to promote international peace and criminal justice.
– ICC is the first such permanent independent international judicial institution capable of trying individuals accused of most serious violations of human rights.
– This day marks the entry establishing a place where everyone has a right to live with dignity & equality putting the perpetrators of crime accountable for their inhumane acts.
Highlights & quick facts about ICC (International Criminal Court):
. Its a voluntary organisation
. Comprises of 123 countries
. HQ located in Hague, Netherlands
. President/Judge – Eboe Osuji (Chile)
. 6 official languages – Arabic, Chinese, English, French,
Russian, Spanish
. USA is only a signatory to the treaty and not a party
. Cases are referred to the court by national govts.
. UNSC(United Nations Security Council)
dig this. 18 judges service for 9 year terms
. India is neither signed nor ratified the Rome Statue on ICC
. Burundi 1st member country that withdrew from ICC.

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