One of the most legendary road trips, that is part of all of our bucket lists. Amidst the hills, surrounded by surreal beauty, Leh has always been a dream for all the riders in India, who have their heart and mind pacing on the wheels.

There are two routes to Leh, one from Manali and the other from Srinagar. The one from manali is uphill and takes about a day’s journey to reach Leh . While the one from Srinagar is downhill and is less preferred especially if its your First Mountain Ride.

While if you are a seasoned rider, one of the most exciting and serene rides would be from Srinagar-Leh-Manali. With multiple stops and plenty of camping sites, this ride trip is sure to be the most legendary one you’ve probably ever experienced.

Coming back, the best time to visit Leh would definitely be between May to October, especially if you are planning to take a road trip. These are the only months the roads are open, since they are usually snow covered during the other months. So, all the other months, one can only reach leh through airways.

With plenty of Camping sites and Food stops all along, these routes are sure to give the rider a very pleasant experience. The Hot Momos teamed with the delicious steaming Thukpa is sure to give you the boost to get you closer to your destination. The starry nights amidst the mountains, as you slumber in your sleeping bags, is a one of a kind experience.

With a Tibetan culture spread around and the most common religion being Buddhism, Leh is full of Buddhist culture. Monks and Monasteries are everywhere and it is definitely a very interesting and unique cultural difference when compared to the rest of the country. There are definitely a number of places one should stop by on their way to Leh :

Some of the other important places that one needs to look out for include, Thiske Monastery, Shanti Stupa, Nubru Valley, Magnetic Hill, Pangong river, Leh Palace, Tso Moriri lake and many more. The placid beauty of this terrain makes it inevitable to stop by at every place and feeling the silent hustle of the wind through your ears as you watch in admiration of nature’s best creations.

The festival time is preferably the time when one must definitely visit Leh. With some or the other festival all around the year, Leh is very vibrant, colourful and ethnic in its very essence. But some of the important festivals that conveniently fall during the riding months are the Sindhu Darshan in June, Hemis Tsechu, a cultural extravaganza in July, Yuru Kabgyat in July, Phyang Tsedup in July-August and finally the Ladakh Festival in September, their harvest festival celebrated all over Leh.

Everything is amazing and surreal, but nothing can ruin this trip, unless you forget to pack your woollens. Make sure you have all your warm clothes, waterproof jackets and boots, sunscreen, lip balms (you wouldn’t want to kiss with dry lips) and water, bottles and bottles of it. With very few ATMs, it is essential you carry as much cash as you can.

Also, do make sure your bike is well maintained and serviced, since there are absolutely no service centres or mechanics on these roads. Also, petrol stations are far away from one another, so make sure you fuel enough to enjoy the ride peacefully.





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