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“Family planning is human right”

World Population day - July 11th - World population day this year marks the 50th anniversary. International conference on human rights where family planning & was globally affirmed to be a human right for the first time in 1968. The conference’s outcome known as “Tehran Proclamation” stated that ‘parents have a basic human right to determine freely & responsibly [...]

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FIFA World Cup 2018

So a new adventure has commenced; World Cup 2018 is happening after 4 years of long wait. Some fun facts about FIFA 2018: Russia was chosen for the first time in history  to host  21st year of FIFA world cup since it’s establishment in 1930 in Uruguay. It was granted the right to host in [...]

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United Nation General Assembly(UNGA) decided to observe June 26th as International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking since 1987. Supported by various individuals, communities, several organisations and governments all over the world, UN raises awareness about this day each year. Theme for 2018 being “ Listen First - listening to children & youth is [...]

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International Yoga Day since it’s inception in 2015 has acquired a great deal of attention. Indian Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi in his UN address proposed June 21st as International yoga day as it is being the longest day of the year in Northern Hemisphere & shares special significance of this practice in many parts [...]

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In a world where violence forces thousands of families to flee for their lives each day, the time is now to show that the global public stands with refugees. To do this, the UN Refugee Agency launched the #WithRefugees petition to send a message to governments that they must work together and do their fair [...]

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WORLD AGAINST CHILD LABOUR THE ILLITERATES OF 21ST CENTURY ARE THE ONES THAT CAN READ & WRITE. “ ENOUGH IS ENOUGH - STOP CHILD LABOUR “ JUNE 12th is observed to raise awareness of plight of child labourers world wide. Millions of children around to world are affected who aren’t even aware of their basic [...]

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SAVE THE MARINE TREASURE – Coral Triangle Day 2018

What is coral triangle day? Coral Triangle Day is an annual, open-sourced event that brings together individuals, organisations, and establishments on one special day of the year to shed light on ocean conservation and the numerous ways to protect and conserve the Coral Triangle. The Coral Triangle, the world's epicentre of marine biodiversity, which encompasses [...]

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The lungs of our planet – World Oceans Day 2018

WORLD OCEANS DAY is a global day of ocean celebration and collaboration for the better future. June 8th observed to be the world ocean’s day to create awareness about the dying entity that is so essential for survival and sustainability of every living thing on this planet. This day is a reminder of how vital [...]

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     UN celebrates World Environment Day annually every 5th of June and on this occasion we'd like to share with you it's significance. . Officially created by United Nations to encourage awareness and action for protecting the environment. . This year New Delhi, INDIA is hosting the 2018 World Environment day. . Theme for [...]

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Growth. Maturity. Understanding. Stability. Responsibility. Respect. Reputation. Image. Money. Pride. Ego. Adulthood. At 21 I realise that my parents suddenly started expecting more. At 21 I realised suddenly they talk about huge words like career or marriage. At 21 I realised they wanted me to stabilize, both my thoughts and my actions. At 21 I [...]

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