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Have you been wondering what BITCOIN is? Have you come across complicated words like crypto-currency or worldwide payment system? Have the newspapers been adding on to your confusion? So, let’s clear out this major confusion today. BITCOINS are nothing but, currency sold on the internet, which can be used to either make international purchases without [...]

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“Let her blade not see your blood” – Female Genital Mutilation

  She trusted her mother, even in that pitch-dark room . She knew she was safe. But that day that trust was scarred with one slash of a blade on her clitoris That intolerable pain ripped through her body and she knew she was safe NOWHERE Female Genital Mutilation, a practice in the name of [...]

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  Growth. Maturity. Understanding. Stability. Responsibility. Respect. Reputation. Image. Money. Pride. Ego. Adulthood. At 21 I realise that my parents suddenly started expecting more. At 21 I realised suddenly they talk about huge words like career or marriage. At 21 I realised they wanted me to stabilize, both my thoughts and my actions. At 21 [...]

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The name that has been going around all over the globe. From Hollywood to Tollywood, from Reuters to Indian Express, from young to the old, everyone has been talking about Ram Gopal Varma, a director by profession who has been accredited with some of the most controversial movies and short films, the very director of [...]

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