Road trips have always been a fascination for all of us and for some of us they are a hobby. Either you are a person who desperately wants to go on a road trip or you are a person who often goes on road trips and lives life the extra mile..

Well, with republic day being next Friday, a long weekend is all set for you to make that long awaited road trip. All of you wanderlusters , pack your bags, fuel up them tanks as we present to you one of the most fascinating and scenic highways that you’d definitely want to cruise along.

Starting at the holy pilgrimage Annavaram, this road travels through the interior of small villages where the people and lives are fascinating. With very basic lifestyles and agriculture as the only source of income, these people really take you to your deeper roots. As you connect to Rajahmundry Highway, your next stop will be the lake of Rampachodavaram. Amidst hills, this lake is peaceful, calm and very serene.


As you go along, make sure you fasten your seatbelts and listen to the hills, by Weekend. As you go up the hill, you essentially feel like you are travelling to a hill station. With cold breeze and trees by the sides, the drive is exciting and with the monkeys strolling by on the roads and jumping from tree to tree, the hilly forest drive is sure to get you closer to nature than ever before.

The hilly forest region of Maredumili, is definitely an escape from the mundane city life, with quite a number of forest resorts, the forest is a haven for those who wish to get a closer look at the wildlife and their habitat. Having been quite a popular tourist destination, adventure activities and bird watching are quite an attraction. Various streams also surround this area giving it an abundant water source.


As you exit the hills of Maredumili, you arrive at chintoor, followed by the Sabari River and the holy pilgrimage, Bhadrachalam. The drive through these places is also along the village depicting the everyday life of people. The sidewalks of the roads are filled with croplands, fresh and green and swaying in the cold winds of the countryside.

So as we arrive at our destination, we realize that the drive is stress free and relaxing barring us of the highway traffic, while also leaving us with a one of a kind experience. But also one needs to keep in mind that safety is very important and it is highly essential to have you car fuelled up and made sure that It is fully serviced. With no service, you’ll be stuck in the land of nowhere and would have to walk kilometres before you find someone to help. And also this is more of a morning drive and the police strictly barricades the hilly region after 6:30. Don’t even think of a night journey through this place, it would send too many chills down your spine.

But nonetheless, this is a one of a lifetime experience that everyone should have. The drive is worth going over and over again. Do let me know what you think.


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