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click here Growth. Maturity. Understanding. Stability. Responsibility. Respect. Reputation. Image. Money. Pride. Ego. Adulthood.

At 21 I realise that my parents suddenly started expecting more. At 21 I realised suddenly they talk about huge words like career or marriage. At 21 I realised they wanted me to stabilize, both my thoughts and my actions. At 21 I realized, they wanted me to open my eyes to negativity. At 21, I realised there were concepts called reputation, which was an over obsessive concept of respect. At 21, I realized that frustrations are a result of too much understanding. At 21, I realized money was valuable, sometimes so much that people tend to prioritize between feelings and finances. At 21 I realized, Pride and Ego dwelled in every person. At 21, I realized growth and maturity never go hand in hand. At 21, I realized adulthood was all about shaping every human being into a stereotype.

Though so many realizations have dawned upon me. Though so many circumstances have opened me up to reality, I still do not understand somethings

I do not understand, why one can’t take time, when time is a mere figment of human imagination. I do not understand why career and marriage are the only alternatives at 21. I do not understand why one can’t seek for personal growth or life beyond the mere materialism, at 21. I do not understand why instability cannot be a way of life, if it can add new experiences and new learning to your life. Reputation and respect still continue to be a mystery, why people tend to respect people with reputation, why people choose economics over emotions. At 21, I am introduced to hypocrisy, the art of choosing economics over emotions or respecting people with reputation, but underneath a mask of considering these things selfish. Why selflessness is so expensive now?

Pride and Ego are the hardest at 21, I’ve also learned double standards as a by-product of these emotions. When all through your childhood, you would go back to the one you love with a simple sorry, a bear hug and a tight kiss, why does it get so hard to do the same now? Why do we complain of not getting the same from the other person, but not do it ourselves now? At 21 I still do not understand why everyone around me can’t understand that immaturity leads to real growth. That the harder you fall, the faster you will learn to rise The harder you hit, the stronger you tend to become. Well, at 21, I’ve understood adulthood was all about making mistakes and re-learning everything that you have already been taught in a different way.

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